Meals Food Bank


At Meals Emergency Food Bank we firmly believe in looking after our community and don’t believe that anyone should go hungry.

In fact, in the words of the Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H, we believe that “a true believer is one that doesn’t let his neighbour go hungry whilst he himself is full” and as Jesus P.B.U.H said “love your neighbour as yourself”.

At Meals Emergency Food Bank we provide 3 days worth of nutritionally balanced, non- perishable, in- date, food items at those times when a traditional food bank is unable to meet your needs in a timely manner.

All food is suitable for vegetarians and where possible, delivered to your door.

So, if you live in Nottingham (NG1 to NG15) and need help with food please let us know here.

For full details on our process click here.

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